Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Paul Blart 2 - movie review

If you saw the commercials, and were like my wife, you probably rolled your eyes, and said to yourself (or out loud to anyone who seemed remotely interested in “Paul Blart Mall Cop 2”), I am never going to watch this movie

But if you like the 3 Stooges-type of humor, you’ll love this movie. I am actually a big fan of Kevin James’ family films, like “Here Comes the Boom” and the original “Paul Blart”.  This one does not disappoint.

Now, is this a movie that will change your destiny or alter your philosophical outlook on life? Probably not.

But is it worth a Redbox rental? Most certainly! Worth buying? Definitely at least maybe. If you’ve got children, this is a great movie to reinforce helpful thoughts in their head.

What I like about this movie is that they provide some great life lessons. Without (hopefully) spoiling it, I let me share some great messages.

The first is to take pride in what you do, even if others mock it. Mall security is often looked down on as “cop wanna-be’s” or a job that one does until they find something better. But Paul inspires his fellow mall security to think that “Security is a mission, not an intermission.”  And with that perspective everyone can benefit.

Another is to listen to your parents, no matter what crazy things they ask of you. (And yes, I am well aware of abuse  - but this lesson is assuming your parents are people who truly love and care about you) Those things may seem insane and/or embarrassing at the time, but you l eventually see the fruit of their requests.

The “objectionable” or “questionable” things (other than the quality of humor) are few, but let me list a few for those concerned. 1) Paul Blart gets his moment to shine due to the extreme drunkenness of a very minor character. Definitely doesn’t glorify alcohol, but it’s there.  2) Lots of slapstick violence (including a death that moves the plot) 3) Pauls self delusion of hi attractiveness to women . But with actual parental guidance, like the PG rating suggests, will ensure your children will come away form the movie with minimal psychological damage .

SIDENOTE/Tangent: Fans of “Here Comes the Boom” will enjoy cameos/supporting roles of several actors from that movie.  Also, check the official website at

I am looking forward to the next Kevin James family film.

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