Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 2016 art contest submission for TrekBBS

So I'm entering the TrekBBS art contest again.

Similar to May's TrekBBS art contest, this one's focus is one creating a Star Trek Christmas Card.

The idea was based on a thought (perhaps a cartoon) I had from about 30 years ago or so.

The graphic shows the Outside and the Inside of the card.

So if you're on TrekBBS, please consider voting for me.

Coming soon - a link to the vote.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Cubs, the World Series and the End Times

Chicago Cubs World Series Win: Good or Bad for humanity?
So tonight, the Chicago Cubs are on the verge of winning their first World Series in 108 years. There seems to be no one alive who remembers the last time the Cubs actually won the World Series, while a few grandparents are getting a second chance to see the Cubs actually win the series (they last went to the World Series with the Cubs in 1946, who lost the series).

People have been talking about a Chicago Cubs World Series win literally for generations.
  The second Back to the Future movie predicted for 2015. It looks like that a Cubs win is not science fiction, but rather they were off by perhaps a year.

But we should be concerned.  Others have noted how Donald Trump’s candidacy (and the Cubs – Sox rivalry at this time) seem to be fulfilling Endtime scriptures like Matthew 24:6 of “Wars and rumors of wars”.

But the scariest of these is how the prediction of the Cubs winning the World Series is a part of the  End Times as well. If you don’t believe me , check it out in the biblical book of Revelation, chapter 30. There you will see that 8th seal will have been broken.

Also, there is a word from Brian Bakke, son of Ray Bakke, an urban missionary to Chicago many years ago. Brian grew up on the North Side of Chicago in Uptown, just a couple of miles due north of Wrigley Field. So with those credentials, you know he is theologically and geographically correct in what he says.

So he has presented this on many occasion: What did Jesus tell the Cubs? “Don’t do anything until I get back.”

We have seen what looks like a comeback miracle, after losing at home but not tying the series at 3 a piece. So we shall see in a few hours if the end is nigh, or if the Cubs’ tradition will continue.