Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vote for Faith!

UPDATE #1 : We won't know the results of the Geberer contest until November 1. (They witheld the number of votes, I think, to make sure people didn't drop out of the contest by giving up hope). Thanks so much to EVERYONE who voted!

UPDATE #2: Faith has also been entered in the "Chicago's Most Photogenic Babies of 2012" contest, which is actually a fundraiser for Lurie Children's Hospital (formerly Children's Memorial Hospital). So if you have thousands you want to donate and/or passionate about Children's Hospital, please donate (adding "Faith Paulus") at http://photogenicbaby.com/votingforchicagokids.html The winner will be announced Ocotber 29.

vote for Faith at http://faith.paulus.me

Ok, this particular blog post will be purely self-serving. But i hope you can be a part of it.

Please vote for our daughter Faith for Gerber’s baby photo contest on Facebook, Sept-4 – Sept. 24!

Go to this website =>  http://faith.paulus.me which will redirect you to the Facebook page to vote for her. (that page is https://apps.facebook.com/gerberps/detail.do?entry_id=456209 )

Why vote for Faith? She’s the quintessential Gerber baby for the 21st Century: a mix of African-American, Asian-American, Native American and European American. She's got a great smile, and a very happy, smart child with a bright future.

She was born at 26 weeks (out of the normal 40) at just 1 ½ pounds (670 grams). This little miracle has suffered some pain early on so she can bring joy to the future.

She may have been trying to be like her big sister, Mia, who was born 7 years ago at 15 1/2 OUNCES (ZERO pounds!) at 23 1/2 weeks. Mia had several doctor visits, lots of medications, treatments and therapies over the next few years. But she is now a 2nd grader, and happy and healthy, and a great sister, influencing her sister and making her laugh and smile even more than usual.

19 months ago Faith was fighting for her life in the NICU.  A year ago (Novemeber 2011), she wasn't even able to turn over by herself. Now, Faith is starting to walk, and speaking specific words along with many cute baby sounds. 

Ther have been a few struggles and sacrifices (especially financially and professionally) over the years. Winning this contest would be a big blessing for our entire family.

Please vote for Faith at Faith.Paulus.Me (that page WAS re-directed to https://apps.facebook.com/gerberps/detail.do?entry_id=456209 )!

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at vote4faith@paulus.me