Saturday, February 1, 2020

January 2020 art contest submission for TrekBBS

TrekBBS is a message board where Star Trek fans all over the world and share ideas, art, and debate over details...not just on Star Trek, but science fiction in general as well as other topics such as sports and politics.

One "board" they have is for Fan ART, and they run monthly contests, which I have previously entered.

In January , the previous winner accepted my proposal of "Crisis on Infinite Enterprises", a play on the DC Comics special series, Crisis on Infinite Earths, which was recently adapted by what I call DC TV, or others, the Arrowverse.

My entry is "Chris's on Infinite Enterprises".... where my dream casting/storyline for a Star Trek (reboot) number 4, which seems like it won't be made. A real idea which was floated around would be to have George Kirk, father of Captain James T Kirk, and featured at the beginning of the 2009reboot movie, travel through time, and meet his son. Well, I thought it'd be awesome to bring in 2 other Chris's, who have worked with Hemsworth on the Marvel movies (while Pine has done DC movies -- so far).   So in addition to George (who would be from the "original" timeline), I could imagine Chris Pratt as David Marcus Kirk (or just David Marcus, form Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan)… and then have Chris Evans as Leonard Kirk (named after Dr. McCoy) as a great grandson of James T Kirk in a future variation.

This was a hastily made design (but thought over , for many weeks)… I would LOVE if these 4 Chris's would do a bootleg fan film trailer over it, and drive the Internet crazy.

So what do YOU think?