Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Star Trek Enterprise inspires Redskins name solution = Pinkskins

The Washington Redskins professional American football team has recently had a strong protest over the use of its name, which has been used as racist & derogatory term for decades. 
Redskins owner Dan Synder, among others, "say they believe that it refers positively to Native Americans, invoking qualities of strength and courage," according to Wikipedia
Many other people do not.  Here's an ad which will appear during the NBA playoffs in several cities, led by the Yocha Dehe tribe. is a website that is also spearheading these efforts.

This controversy just happens to coincide with the monthly art contest that TrekBBS (a Star Trek fan message board) was holding: New and/or improved.

So I took that opportunity to "improve" the Washington Redskins with a new name. It's one that was used frequently in Star Trek: Enterprise's episodes with the Andorians (blue skinned aliens with antennae, who have been around since the first show aired on TV nearly 50 years ago). It's Commander Shran's nickname for humans: Pinkskins. It's an "affectionate" name, that is surely as respectful as  claims "Redskins" is.

When the contest officially begins voting, I 'll add the link here.

Star Trek has been at the forefront of inspiring us to make changes so we can have a better future. Here's one more thing we ought to add to that list. 

Go #Pinkskins!

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