Friday, September 24, 2010

Helping those making $250,000 or more in light of the tax cut expiration

There has been much talk by politicians and pundits over how people making $250,000 a year will need the Bush tax cuts to be extended.

Now, it seems most people on both sides of the aisle agree that tax cuts for those making under $250,000 are needed during this recession.. But what about those making more than $250,000?

To be honest, I don't understand how someone making $250,000 can't make due on higher taxes.  
If you survived on an income lower than $250,000 (where a higher percentage of your income was going to housing, food, medical bills, utilities, etc.), and were able to grow to your current income level before, why can't you do it now?

You know that the US economy is suffering, and that investment and credit is needed for millions with incomes less than $250,000, many of whom can't may much in taxes due to lack of work.   Why are you not able to do your patriotic duty and start new jobs and businesses to help your fellow Americans out of the recession.

OK, I understand there may be extraordinary circumstances for some, such as taking care of special needs children or ill parents.  But my understanding is that current tax law provides deductions for these and other such expenses, so that your income would not fall into the $250,000+ category as far as tax bracket.

I have a solution for those who feel that the expiration of tax cuts would seriously hurt them, or more importantly, the economy as a whole.  I will loan you $1,000 for services at one of 4 recommended Christian financial ministries:
  1. Crown Financial Ministries = Christian ministry founded by Howard Dayton and Larry Burkett
  2. Christian Financial Ministries - recommended by Dave Ramsey
  3. Good $ense - from Willow Creek Community Church
  4. Gary Moore - Gary Moore and the financial seminary can offer advice on investing from a Christian perspective

If you are interested in getting that loan , please contact me at

If you feel the need, you may read the terms & conditions of the loan below:

  1. You must follow the program laid out by one of the above 4 ministries.
  2. You must prove to the ministry that you will be put into the higher tax bracket due to the Bush Tax cuts expiring.
  3. One of the above ministries must confirm that they believe you will follow/are following their program.
  4. Twenty (percent (20%) interest will be charged, compounded monthly. A different interest rate may be negotiated between lender and ministry only.
  5. The money will be paid directly to one of the above ministries to help yourself on a path of financial stability (you will not receive any money, only services by these ministries up to $1,000)
  6. You must help someone else in a comparable way once your financial situation is stabilized.

Let me know if you are interested in this loan. (Or if you aren't interested in the loan, but are interested in the help, you con contact the above ministries above, and see if they have any free resources for you).

Again, i must repeat, this is a serious offer. But only for those that meet the guidelines, and I can only have 3 loans out at a time.

I also challenge any politician or pundit who is serious about how the tax expiration will hurt the economy to find serious "victims", so that they may survive this economic calamity.

God bless you and the resources He gave you.


Unknown said...

You are an idiot.

Anonymous said...


One problem with your argument. The tax code ALREADY lets you deduct any expenses over 7.5% of your adjusted gross income, if you itemize. (I have never met a soul who made >250K and didn't itemize.) So Uncle Sam would help out more than you could.

What others will pick apart is that taxes take money away from investment. But here is the killer, we need to pay down our debt or we won't be able to invest in anything but interest on the loans we already have out.

Matt Stein