Thursday, December 3, 2009

Best boxes for Aldi

i am planning a post, "How to Shop at Aldi's", but there's one particular segment that will take quite a bit of room, so i thought i would elaborate on that aspect before writing the bigger blog. (i also note about Chicagoan's calling it Aldi's, despite the sign).

This sounds crazy, but to those inexperienced with Aldi, this can be helpful in helping you bring your groceries home.
At Aldi's, you have a couple of options to take your groceries. You can buy plastic bags for just a dime, or pay $1-$2 for reusable bags & insulated bags. But one other option is to use the boxes that the items were shipped in. These are free, and when you are done with them, you can simply toss them in your recycling bin if you don't use them for your own storage (or other purposes).

The best boxes to use are:

1. Orchard Gold 1 Gallon Punch (Citrus Punch & Fruit Punch): With the cardboard inside the big box, you have extra support on the handles as well as separation for different type of items.

2. Nature's Nectar Juice (Grape & Cranberry varieties; NOT Apple): These boxes don't have specific handles, but are made such that they have natural handles. I actually also use them to store different types of items at home. The different colors but standard size make them great for home use.

3. Carlini Oil (Vegetable, Canola, Corn): A little smaller than the juice boxes, but same basic concept. Solid and easy to handle

IMPORTANT: Now, it's OK to shift 1 or 2 lone bottles in a box over to another box that has some space. But please do NOT empty an entire box of items (and especially do NOT stack them on full boxes). It's rude, it makes the store look bad, and it may cause the management to take drastic measures, and ruin shopping for the rest of us. In fact, the Aldi at 7342 S. State Street at one point actually tore a whole stack of juice boxes, rendering them completely useless to customers.

Coming soon, "How to Shop at Aldi's"

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