Wednesday, January 2, 2008

JP's New Year's Resolution -- write some blogs!

A New Year's resolution i've made is to actually write some blog entries, not just comment on them (see my blog list). It's been 6 months since the last entry -- i hope to make it more frequent!

In addition to writing for Levois at , i want to occasionally write here as well

Some of the topics i will cover...

  • urban ministry
  • Family (immediate)
  • Family (extended)
  • Media
  • neighborhoods of Chicago (such as Chatham & Uptown)
  • city living
  • politics

Some of the particlualr subjects i plan on writing about include

  • how to shop at Aldi's
  • Korean historical dramas
  • analysis of the 46th ward Aldermanic elections
  • Uptown fundementalism


Anonymous said...

Chris said...

I used to be a republican who put all his faith in his policial party. It's how I was raised. Thanks for the caution though, it's easy to get carried away when introduced to something new. Obama's more of a socialist than a Democrat.

That's pretty sweet about Fitzgerald. I didn't know that.

I LOVE shopping at Aldi's. When I lived in Uptown, I went there at least twice a week. Can't beat their breakfast cereals and tortilla chips.